Sunday, February 19, 2012

February Resolution: Work and Career

My February resolution my happiness project is Work and Career.

Why work and career? It is because:
  1. My career has been one of the important thing in my life, other than my family. For me, my career had defined me in one way or another.
  2. It's the time for yearly goal and target setting, including for the development planning. So putting work and career as focus in the month of February would be very timely.
  3. I would be traveling a few times. Since I would be spending my time alone at night, it would be best used for doing reflection about my career.
 There are 3 questions that become my focus on Work and Career:
  1. How to make my work more effective and efficient?
  2. How to build my expertise?
  3. How to build my network?
I will not get into too ambitious. I will just pick 1 or 2 specific things for each of the questions, and do every day (well... I tried to anyway...) :
  1. Process my inbox everyday. I used David Allen's Getting Thing's Done as a reference.
  2. Do 3 MITs (Most Important Task) first thing in the morning. I liked Leo Babauta's Zen Habit for decluttering your life, even though I'm still so far away from implementing any of it. :)
  3. Learn a daily lesson. There are 3 key learning area that I'd like to focus: self improvement on productivity, career development and expertise in human resources, specifically employee relation, labor relations and M&A (merger and acquisition). Every small article, page of the books or blogs I've read that day, I would consider that as learning.
  4. Share, share, share. Share what I've learn that day through discussion with friends, twitter, facebook, linkedin or blogging. 
I think these 4 list would make my February quite busy, while keeping my other list from January's resolution.

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