Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finding Treasure -- Rimba Baca

It's not easy to find a good children library in Jakarta. I had tried googling with no success. So when I found Rimba Baca, a children library, I feel like finding a treasure.
Rimba Baca, A small children library located in Jl RSPP No 21B Cilandak, South Jakarta
Rimba Baca is located conveniently between home and Echie's school, at Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan, near RS. Fatmawati. If you knew Limma Bookstore on around 1990s and early 2000s, it had a similar ambiance, but smaller and cozier. The place is very homy, maybe because it's previously a house, with modern and simple style. Fully air conditioned, with wooden floor and small carpets. We could sit comfortably on the floor, on small single sofas or little table with little chairs.
The book collections are amazing! Hundreds, or maybe thousands, of books, wall to wall. The first floor is used for children books starting from babies to encyclopedia. The composition is around 60% in English, 30% in Bahasa Indonesia, and 10% in other language, including Arabic. The second floor is filled with adult and teen books. There are many unique books that I had never seen elsewhere.
You need to become a member and pay annually to borrow the books. But the membership is very cheap considering the price of the book. You could borrow 5 books every time you come, for 5-7 days. Or you could also pay per visit for reading and play in the art room.
The verdict: MUST VISIT!!! Echie loves Rimba Baca so much, she wants to go there everyweek.
Contact number: 021-7664517 or twitter account @RimbaBaca

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