Sunday, February 5, 2012

January, it was all about ME!

The month of January is over now. Time to sit and look back. Have I met my January's resolution lists? Have I been diligent enough to check every items before I go to sleep? What's work, and what's not?
1. Exercise regularly -- I found that I had sticked to this resolution quite diligently. I joined the classes that I found interesting. I walked in the morning either Saturday or Sunday. Yes, I missed some gym time when the workload in the office was high, but I compensated during the weekends. So I found that I'm quite good in meeting this resolution. But still could do it better.
2. Only eat when hungry. Only eat inspiring food. Eat it mindfully. Stop before full. -- This one I mostly fail when I'm home, on holiday. Too many good food, too many eating out. Had to admit, I could not resist the temptation. Frankly, I took this concept from Hypnolangsing. I joined their workshop last year, and I will share later on about the summary of their 5 Magic Rules. My problems in implementing this concept are: I loved to munch at any time. I'm easily tempted by snacks. I still need to practice the Abundance Mind, where you don't feel the need to finish the food in everybody's plate. So for this resolution, I will still bring it back to next month list.
3. To clean and care: Start a ritual before sleeping. -- Before the resolution, I was a lazy girl. I was rarely clean my face or brush my teeth before sleeping. Most of the time I forgot to put on night cream. Now, I'm quite diligent. Now, I only forgot to clean and care about 1-2 times a week. Good improvement, I said! But definitely need to be kept on the checklist, so I won't miss it.
4. Put on make up, before I go. Never forgot the lipstick! -- I had a habit on putting make up in the car, a few minutes before arriving at the destination. This resulted in feeling sleepy and actually slept all the way to my office. Now I made the efforts to look pretty before left the home, so that I felt more energized. It works!
In my January journey, I found that breaking my big goal to smaller goals, and then breaking it to measurable and achievable targets were helping me a lot. I am convinced that my big goal is achievable. Thanks, to Gretchen.
However, I also found that the list no matter how fancy they are, would not work if you didn't review it. My problem was that I didn't review my resolution list every day. Gretchen suggested that you have a Resolution Checklist, and you review it every night before you go to sleep. She even offered her template and her tool in the Project Happiness Toolbox. So I tried several alternatives:
  1. Printed spreadsheet. Not working. I don't like bringing a piece of paper anywhere. Kept on forgoting and end up as garbage.
  2. Spreadsheet on my computer. Not working. It's not always possible for me to open my Thinkpad before I slept.
  3. Journal book. The same with printed spreadsheet, not working.
  4. Gretchen's Happiness Project Toolbox. The internet connection is not stable and I have difficulties in updating it in my mobile phone.
So, my next task so I could implement February resolution in a more effective manner, is to find a tool, that I could access anytime, anywhere. Since I could not be separated from both my iPhone and Blackberry, I need to find the tools that running on either of the gadget.
Overall review: I loved MY HAPPINESS PROJECT! It's not fully working yet, but hey! It's the journey of becoming a better person that I'm looking at. And I think the process is showing a positive trending. So am looking forward to my February resolution list! :)

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