Monday, January 16, 2012

My January Resolution: Myself!

I had decided that my first resolution for My Happiness Project is Taking Care of Myself!
I found that if I thought I looked good, I feel my mood is up. If I thought I looked like mess, then I would feel a bit low. So I made a formula:
HAPPY <= Good Mood <= Look Good <= Take Care of Myself
So, to be happy, I have to take care about myself a little bit better. :)
Frankly, I'm not a stylish person that have to have matching appearance from top to toe. It's actually the other way around. Most of the time I forgot to clean up before sleeping. I only have 1 pair of shoes and 1 nice bag for work. I do like putting make up, but a very basic one. Since this month, as my resolution is to take care of myself, I decided to put extra care for myself, my body, my health and my appearance.
So my January resolution focus is:
  • Exercise regularly, minimum of 30 minutes and no 2 days gone by without exercise.
  • Only eat when I'm hungry. Only eat inspiring food. Eat it mindfully.
  • Start a ritual before sleeping -- to clean and to care.
  • Put on my make up before I go. And... never forget to put on lipstick.
As a very wise lady said:  
Put on some make up, to cheer you up! 
*btw, that lady is my 62-years old mom, who still looked young and chic*

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