Saturday, January 14, 2012

Starting My Happiness Project

Two weeks ago, I found a very interesting book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. 

This book was accidentally found. My hubby picked me up after work, and while waiting for me, he went to the bookstore at the mall below my office. I met him there and joined him in skimming through the racks of books. 

When we're about to pay, somehow my eyes were attracted my the title of the book. The Happiness Project. It feels so familiar. When I checked on the author, I vaguely remembered that I followed her twitter account. So I checked on my twitter, and right... I had followed @gretchenrubin. Am so excited, so I just bought the book.

Later that night, I started to read... and read... and read... During the readings, I went back and forth to check on her sites, The Happiness Project and The Happiness Project Toolbox. The Happiness Project, is all about how to be a happier person. In this book, Gretchen shared about her 1-year journey of finding happiness. It took you through month by month details, on how you can set your resolution to be happier, and more importantly on how to KEEP YOUR RESOLUTION (which very difficult for me, to be honest). 

I was so excited reading this book, I could hardly put it down. You're not necessarily be a depressed person to be happier. It's a way to celebrate all the blessings that you had. I do think that I have been blessed with so many things in life by God, but in my day today life, somehow every now and then I could get grumpy and snap easily. 

This book was striking me from the moment I read it, and that night I just decided I had to start my own Happiness Project. It's a perfect time. It's January, I had not made any resolution, and I do want to be a better person in life. A person who is grateful with what she has and bring happiness to those surrounds them.

Now, am ready to start my Happiness Project! And this blog will be the witness of my journey in becoming a better, and more grateful person. 

*sitting at my dining table on the back porch, having a warm coffee on my side and my book and computer in front of me, looking at the rain pouring my green backyard. I just realized how blessed I am... And this made me happy*

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