Saturday, November 7, 2009

Survival Kit for New Kids on The Block

Surviving in a new company is not an easy job. When you joined a new company, more often than not, you'll feel like lost in the jungle. Drawn in new information flood. Or worse... Nothing to do because no one give you a clue on what to do.

Here are 5 survival kits that I used when I was a New Kids on the Block:

1. Admit that you are new
By admitting that you are new, you will be more open to information. Rule of thumb: listen 80%, talk 20%.

2. Understand the organization
Diligently mine information as much as possible about your new place, both written and unwritten. Identify the structure, who's doing what. Familiarize with how they run the business.

3. Earn your place
Prove that you're really worth the hiring. Show your skills, without being a jerk. If you're a fresh graduate with minimum skills, then win them thru your positive attitude: high initiative, creative want to learn, passionate. Be a team player.

4. Set a realistic expectation
Low satisfaction often comes from high expectation. Could be the nature of the job, the environment, the pay. For fresh grad, expect to do meaningless stuff like photocopying or typing address.

5. Networking... Networking... Networking...
Don't be shy... Go out... Hang out... Introduce yourself. Join company event, if possible as the committee. Be visible.

I found that this survival kit has helped me to survive the organization I joined in.

Just a little share from a Career Mom...

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