Monday, November 9, 2009

Managing Your Boss

A bit weird? Why should you manage your boss? Isn't he the one who should manage you?

No. In the real world, you should have the skill to manage your boss, so she could better manage you. And how you could manage your boss? Here are 5 basic tips that I learn from my experience, on top of from reading several sources:

1. Get to know him and his background
There is this Indonesian proverb 'Tak kenal maka tak sayang' or 'You won't like what you don't know'.
Understand his background, preferences, work style. Customize your approach base on this understanding.

2. Prepare your ground
Never come to the meeting with empty head. Do your homework. Accompany proposals with facts. Re validate your information. Accuracy is important.

3. Argue gracefully
Present your ideas with confident. Provide your reasonings with good judgment.
Boss may like to have a good discussion when one on one. So, don't challenge him personally in public. Know when to retrieve.

4. Help her to prepare for the battle
Be an expert in your area. Be her subject matter expert. They need you as much as you need them.

5. Avoid surprises
A good surprise is still a surprise. Always prepare your boss on what to expect. Make regular update a habit.

You'll earn her trust when applying these tips. At least, this is how I could manage my bosses... Pssst... Don't let them know about this.
Good luck!
A share from a career mom

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